Wealth Management Process

To develop a financial strategy for your future, it’s important for your financial professional to see a complete, 360 degree view of your financial picture, including how your retirement assets are integrated and work with one another. We can work in concert with tax professionals or attorneys in your or our network to advise you on specific aspects of your financial strategy.



Determining an investor’s unique needs.

Tauzin Wealth Management utilizes a risk-tolerance questionnaire to better identify and protect investors. It is used to identify ideal asset allocations for the investor’s needs, predicated desires, gauge retirement savings and ability to afford living expenses. Tauzin Wealth Management’s risk metric combines subjective and objective risk tolerances to build a personalized plan around an investor’s unique needs.

Fee-Friendly Investments

Tauzin Wealth Management  uses cost-effective, indexed-based ETFs and manager models to represent each asset class. Individually owned portfolios and world-class investment advice are at  our fingertips, and available to middle-America investors. Hidden bank fees are a thing of the past when the account is in an our custody. In contrast with actively managed mutual funds, ETFs are commonly known for having lower expense ratios. With our proprietory technology and sophisticated investment philosophy, we’re able to offer an investment approach often used by the ultra-affluent and adapt it to fit middle America in a fee-friendly manner that’s efficient for clients. This innovative process is unique to  Tauzin Wealth Management and helps clients keep money in motion and reap the benefits of compounded interest over time.